Solano County Private Investigator

For Investigations in Solano County…

If you are looking for a Solano County private investigator, call Filley and Associates to discuss your case.  We will either put together a strategy proposal, or put you in touch with the right investigation firm to assist you with your case.

Our offices are in San Francisco and Marin, but we often conduct investigations in Solano County.  Our San Rafael office is a short distance from Vallejo, via Hwy 37.  Contact us.  We will be happy to discuss your case with you.

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Solano County Map

  • Fairfield
  • Allendale
  • Collinsville
  • Cordelia
  • Cordero Junction
  • Dixon
  • Elmira
  • Glencove
  • Green Valley
  • Leisure Town
  • Pierce
  • Rio Vista
  • Suisun
  • Vacaville
  • Vallejo
  • Willota
  • Yolano

Solano County Courthouse