Service of Process

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Service of Legal Process in the US

Filley and Associates serves legal process throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.  At the time of service, we attempt to take a photo of the person served, (and are usually successful) with the documents in hand. We also report any relevant information gathered at the scene. If the location turns out to be incorrect, we do not just try again later, as many process servers do. We gather information – talk to neighbors, landlords, employers, whatever sources are available at that location, in order to ascertain Subject’s location. We go the extra mile. Most importantly, we get the papers into the hand of the Subject, while doing our best to maintain their good will.

We can also pass on whatever message you may have for them, or potentially put them in telephonic contact with you on the spot. We can also interview the Subject regarding the matter at hand and serve them (or not), depending on their responses.

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San Francisco Service of Process