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Restaurants, bars and to a lesser degree, stores are a cash business, with ample opportunity for employees to take advantage of any opportunities to steal from their employer. Sometimes this theft is in the form of skimming money from the register. Sometimes the theft is in the form of stealing inventory or giving free drinks and food to friends and relatives.

Most restaurants, bars and stores hire multiple employees and given the inevitable turnover, will have employees that steal from them in one form or another. This theft can start small, but can quickly grow to have a crippling effect on your business.

We put our operatives into the client business to watch what your employees are doing when you are not watching them. We provide you with the evidence you need to stop the continuing theft and send a strong message to your other employees.

We can also help you to identify:

  • Is a receipt used for every sale?
  • Does the employee keep the cash register closed, except when ringing up a sale?
  • Does the employee spend time socializing or complaining about work instead of assisting customers?
  • Does the employee ring up more than one sale at the same time?
  • Does the employee let people into a club without paying the cover charge?
  • Does the employee pour free drinks or over-pour drinks?
  • Does the employee serve overly intoxicated patrons?
  • Does the employee pocket any of the funds taken in? Does the employee tuck money away for later retrieval?

Filley and Associates will give you the proof you need to stop the theft and to know what goes on in your establishment when you are not there. Our services are always completely confidential.