Personal Background Check


Personal Background Checks uncover information about a person’s character and past. Often used in dating and prenuptial situations, a background investigation tells you if someone is being honest about their past or if they are lying about it. They are also used for domestic help screening such as nannies, housekeepers, and personal assistants.

Personal Background Checks offer you piece of mind when making decisions about the future. All background checks are confidential, the person being investigated does not find out about the investigation.

What can be learned from Personal Background Checks? The starting point includes information such as their age, marital status, address histories, criminal prosecutions and convictions, and their driving record. You can also find out if there have been debt problems in the past, including bankruptcies, tax liens, judgments and notices of defaults. We find out if they are using false Social Security numbers or if they have aliases or AKA’s (“also known as”). We can also identify past lawsuits, whether they are suing others or if they have been sued in the past.

The deeper levels of background investigations include contact with neighbors and associates to find out about personal habits, dating history, alcohol or drug use, personal lifestyle, social status and civic and community affiliations. All this is conducted using pretexts, so no one knows the investigation is being conducted.

Who initiates these searches? Fiancés, boyfriends, girlfriends, concerned relatives, and anyone else entering into a personal or any other type of relationship, personal or otherwise.

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