Our Product

Report of Investigation

Our reports to our client are our product. We take great care in addressing the individual issues raised in each case. Our reports are captioned according to the information required by the client. They are written to be as easy to read as possible, with a summary at the beginning and concise, accurate information under each of the captions.

Documentation and Evidence Handling

We record our interviews of witnesses in written, tape-recorded or video taped format according to the needs of our clients. Our written statements are prepared in the hand of the witness, when possible. Our videotapes are date and time stamped and recorded in high quality digital video. Analog video is available for clients who prefer not to use digital.

All of our tape and video-recorded statements comply with federal and state laws regarding recorded evidence.

Effective Communication

For each new matter, we create an account on our secure, online project management workspace. The workspace is password protected and includes SSL security – the same as online banks. Operatives contemporaneously update the workspace with reports, photos, video and documents, where they are immediately accessible to the client. Another benefit – at client’s option, no emails will be sent to them. All communication, viewing of reports and video can take place through the online workspace. The workspace is also a great way for the client to get new information or photos, directly to the operatives.

Our Guarantee: Value, Confidentiality and Excellent investigative service.