Napa County Investigation

About Napa County Cases:

Napa county cases are serviced through our nearby San Rafael office.  Beautiful Napa County connects to the Bay Area via Hwy 101 (via Hwy 37) and I80. Our investigations in Napa are largely related to cheating spouse, personal injury, W/C, civil and criminal cases. 

Surveillance in Napa County:

Napa is a semi-rural county, which makes surveillance easier in some ways – the traffic make it easier to stick with the Subject. But it is also more difficult, because the rural surroundings make it more important to use multiple vehicles in order to keep our profile low.

Napa Wine Country Surveillance:

Many San Francisco tourists travel to Napa County to enjoy the “Wine Country”. We find that many domestic surveillances lead to Napa, as Subjects on vacation take a shuttle bus, limousine or rental car and go wine tasting, and /or stay in one of the local bed and breakfast inns.  We are familiar with the local roads, communities, wineries and hotels in Napa.  Our experience allows us to better serve you.

Napa County Investigation Office:

Please call us at 415-462-1631 to discuss your case.  We will give you our professional opinion about the best way to acheive your case goals in Napa, based on the case facts and your budget.  Once we decide on a case strategy together, we will proceed, based on your set budget, which we will not exceed.  

Napa County Communities

American Canyon
Deer Park
Enchanted Hills
Oak Knoll
Pope Valley
Saint Helena
Spanish Flat
Vichy Springs