Missing Persons Investigation

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San Francisco Bay Area Missing Persons

We are proud to have played a part in finding missing persons in the SF Bay Area.  We find that some clients contact us to locate a family member, who:

  • Has mental health issues and is off meds
  • Who flew to San Francisco from another state or country and has disappeared
  • Who has been homeless and living on the streets, but has not checked in with their family
  • Who has a drug habit and / or dropped out of a drug treatment facility
  • Who has stopped contacting the family for unknown reasons

How to Find a Missing Person in San Francisco

The San Francisco Bay Area is a large and diverse area and finding lost persons in this urban environment requires diligence, connections and attention to detail.

Knowing where to look starts with knowing as much as possible about the missing person.  It helps to know if they use drugs and what kind of drugs they prefer.  We also ask what connections they have historically had in the San Francisco Bay Area and if they have access to money.  Information about their electronic devices and use of social media is also helpful.

Please call us to discuss your specific situation.  We will offer recommendations and work with you to coordinate with police and social services.  We will follow leads and interview parties, who may have information about the missing person’s location.

Some cases require street level canvassing, talking to people living on the street.  We find these searches to be very effective.

Our Goals in San Francisco Missing Persons Cases

If the missing person is an adult, our goal is to locate them and put them safely back in touch with you.  If the missing person has a drug habit or is living on the streets of their own choice, the goal is to create a situation in which you can speak with them and offer them a better solution.  We find that this approach is very effective.

We have successfully re-united run-away international college students, adult children with drug habits, family members who prefer living on the street, international travelers, victims of crime or hospitalized persons.  Acheiving the best result depends on setting up a strategy to solve the missing person’s problems, so they are ready to re-unite with their family.

Contact us to talk about the best strategy, based on available leads.


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