Missing Persons Investigation


Finding lost family members in the San Francisco Bay Area

Our missing persons investigations have helped to reunite many families.  We find that some clients contact us to locate a family member, who has mental health issues and is off meds.  Other families are looking for a family member, who has uncharacteristically dropped off the grid.  Another type of client is the family of a person, who flew to San Francisco from another state or country and has disappeared.

The San Francisco Bay Area is a large and diverse area and finding lost persons in this urban environment requires diligence, connections and attention to detail.  Please call us to discuss your specific situation.  We will offer recommendations, put you in touch with police or social services, or we will recommend an investigation to chase down leads and find your loved one.  Our approach normally includes coordination with the SFPD, hospitals and social outreach services (homeless shelters, methadone clinics, etc).  We may also contact local media, with your approval and if you feel that is appropriate.

Some cases require street level canvassing, talking to people living on the street.  We find these searches to be very effective.

Contact us to talk about the best strategy, based on available leads.


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