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Why Do We Support Kiva?

This news story is admittedly unrelated to private investigation in the SF Bay Area. We want to share with you our interest in and support of a local, SF based micro loans, charitable organization, Kiva.org. Kiva is a micro lending organization that operates in 75 countries.

Kiva helps people to fund loans for entrepreneurs world-wide. Filley and Associates supports Kiva and has been a member sine 2012. The images on this page show some of the individuals and groups to whom we have made loans. The map shows locations. Here is a link to the Kiva webpage, describing the operation. https://www.kiva.org/lend-by-category

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We also like Kiva because they are about as transparent as an organization can be. They admit that not all donations go to the actual loan applicant on the Kiva website. This sounds wrong, but in fact, it is what Kiva should do. It allows the micro-lender on the ground in, for example Honduras to assist the applicant in creating a listing on Kiva. The micro-lender will then make the loan to the applicant. Our charitable donations actually support the micro-lenders in impoverished communities. It is a working model that does put money directly into the hands of people, who are working to better the situation for their families and communities.

Thank you, Kiva for your good work. You are making a difference.

Filley and Associates

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