Intellectual Property


Protecting intellectual property and trade secrets has become increasingly difficult in the age of global networking and international competition. If you have a concern involving proprietary information, Filley and Associates can help you discover where and how the information is being compromised. We can help you locate the principals and contain the problem.

We work with companies to protect their intellectual assets domestically and abroad. We effectively use diverse assets to develop the information you need to control your intellectual assets.

Our Investigation of counterfeit products, copyright infringement and intellectual property theft includes research of violations, identity, location and background profiles of perpetrators. We also conduct surveillance at manufacturing or retail locations and place undercover operatives at all levels of production and sales. Our services also include procurement of evidence, maintaining the chain of evidence and court testimony.

For a free consultation and to discuss how we can help you throughout California, Nevada and the United States. We also offer investigative services in China, through our professional relationships with excellent investigators in Mainland China, who have demonstrated a high degree of proficiency and professionalism. Please see our Contact Us page for more information concerning our affiliations with international investigative offices.