Insurance Investigation Services


Our primary purpose, as independent claims investigators is to be the adjuster’s eyes and ears on the scene of a loss. As experienced insurance claim investigators, we know what you need. We understand the time constraints you are under. We understand the necessity of moving quickly and of keeping you apprised of the situation as it develops.

We know what to look for and how to document the scene and circumstances of the loss. When speaking with Claimants and witnesses, we are mindful of representing your company in a positive manner, while at the same time, conducting a thorough investigation. We know what questions to ask and have the experience to develop and document the best information available. Filley and Associates does not cut corners by hiring low paid personnel, as is common in the industry. Our investigators are well paid professionals, who treat their job and each case with the dedication and attention to detail it deserves.

Our online file management system speeds collaboration, file sharing and status updates – or we can use your system.

Our reports are concise, but complete, with a summary of the salient information at the beginning of the report and detailed information under the subheadings.

  • Auto Liability / Bodily Injury Claims
  • Slip and Fall
  • Property Claims
  • Life and Health Claims
  • Contestable Death Investigations
  • Disability Claims
  • Worker’s Compensation Investigations and Surveillance / AOE – COE
  • Accident / Loss Scene Investigations
  • Witness and Claimant Interviews
  • Witness and Claimant Written / Recorded Statements
  • Insurance Fraud Investigation / Special Investigations
  • Trick and Device Claims
  • Alive and Well Checks and Interviews
  • Activity Checks
  • Subrogation

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Filley & Associates brings you a wide variety of insurance support services.

  • Mediation – Settlement Conferences: We are able to represent your interests in case mediation and settlement conferences. Our mediators are well versed in the insurance and legal issues involved in settlement conferences. Our mediators are available to you by cell phone and will update you as to the progress of the settlement according to your wishes and schedule.
  • Mediation Packages : We assist attorneys and insurance adjusters by providing photographs of the scene, photos of the client or Subject; diagrams of the accident scene and in some cases, animation all assembled into a Power Point mediation package. The package tells the story of the accident and it’s catastrophic results and can be assembled for presentation at the mediation, or shared with the insurance company prior to the mediation on CD. This gives the claims committee a chance to see the client, the injuries and the liability picture prior to the mediation. This makes a very effective settlement tool.
  • Electronic Case Organization: We can take your boxes of evidence and scan them, index them and make them searchable. This is the best and most efficient way to organize a large volume of documents. It avoids document misfiling and loss and allows for effective presentation in court.
  • Document and evidence retrieval
  • Witness Handling for orderly control and presentation in court
  • Digital Video / Non-linear Video Editing for Effective Trial Presentation
  • Projects specific to your needs

Our staff maintains a strong focus on the deadlines with which you may be faced. We are flexible and able to work with you to achieve your goals.

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Filley & Associates is experienced in conducting SCUBA diving liability investigations. We are familiar with the issues and standards related to these investigations and have been very successful in developing case making information in the many SCUBA investigations we have conducted in California, Nevada (Tahoe), Mexico and Central America. CEO, Scott Filley has been an advanced diver for more than 15 years and brings his expertise to bear in conducting SCUBA related investigations.

Please call us for a free consultation and to discuss your SCUBA related case with us to see how we can help. You can call us at 866-392-0072 or email us at [email protected] .



Filley & Associates’ operatives are highly proficient in the art of surveillance. We use mini digital video cameras with night vision capability and telephoto lenses to capture the activities of the subject. We also use state of the art concealment cameras, which we use as called for by the investigational situation. We carefully comply with all laws to protect the admissibility of the information, while at the same time, aggressively pursuing the case goals.

We provide our clients with detailed and timely reports. Bi-lingual investigators are available.

  • Activity Checks
  • Sub-rosa
  • Workers Compensation

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