Identity Theft Investigation

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How can a private investigator help with the investigation of identity theft?

The inconvenience and invasion of privacy caused by identity theft can not be overstated. Our identity theft investigation helps you to locate the perpetrator, stop the loss and exposure and assist with coordination with the appropriate law enforcement organization.

Almost 700,000 people are victimized by identity theft each year and consumers often find themselves at the mercy of these identity thieves. We use sources of information to which the public does not have access in order to identify and locate these thieves. We are normally able to investigate these matters to conclusion within four hours and have found that our services in the area of identity theft are especially valuable to the consumer client, as law enforcement is generally not equipped or available to investigate this crime for the individual victim. We can help you take the first step towards fighting back and recovering your identity.

California Office of Privacy Protection

We also recommend that you visit the California Office of Privacy Protection website. They have posted their newest Consumer Information Sheet: How to Use the California Identity Theft Registry – A Guide for Victims of “Criminal” Identity Theft (Consumer Information Sheet 8). This site will assist you in getting into the Registry and in particular, in getting a Certificate of Identity Theft. This certificate is a temporary document, to be used while awaiting Judicial Council approval of the official version. You’ll find it on the California Office of Privacy Protection, Identity Theft web page at

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