iPhone Security: How To Lock Down Your Apple Device

As phones, computers and other devices become more ubiquitous and connect to more areas of our lives, keeping track of what information is shared becomes more difficult. For people who need to protect themselves from being tracked by a stalker or other malicious person, the process of locking down a device can be complicated.

Apple has just released a guide to protecting Apple device users from insecurities that may exist in their phones. It covers making sure that information on iPhones isn’t shared with people in the Find My app, ensuring that iCloud data, photos, calendars and other information is not shared.

It also includes steps to delete third party apps and unknown configuration profiles that may be used maliciously for tracking purposes.

The guide can be downloaded from Apple’s website here:


Apple iPhone Security, Going Forward:

We are pleased that Apple is taking iPhone and other Apple device security seriously. This guide is will be helpful to many people, who are unsure whether or not their location or activities are being tracked.

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