Reverse Email Lookup / Lookup IP Address / Trace Email to Sender

This tool attempts to locate the source IP address of an email based on the email headers. Just copy and paste the full headers of the email you've received into the box below and click "Track It". Then scroll down the page for the email header analysis and results.

How do I find email headers?

Choose from the following links for instructions on how to find email headers in various email clients and websites.

Email Clients

{tinline linktext:="Apple Mail 2.x" width:="450" height:="200" inlineId:="applemail" }
{tinline linktext:="Microsoft Outlook 2003" width:="450" height:="200" inlineId:="outlook" }
{tinline linktext:="Mozilla Thunderbird 2.x" width:="450" height:="200" inlineId:="thunderbird" }

Web Based Email

{tinline linktext:="Google Mail (GMail)" width:="450" height:="200" inlineId:="gmail" }
{tinline linktext:="Windows Live Hotmail" width:="450" height:="200" inlineId:="hotmail" }
{tinline linktext:="Yahoo Mail" width:="450" height:="230" inlineId:="yahoo" }
{tinline linktext:="View a sample email header" width:="600" height:="550" inlineId:="sample" }

CAUTION: This email tracking tool assumes all mail servers and clients in the transmission path are trustworthy. It does not attempt to detect forged email headers. Forged headers are common in spam and other malicious email, therefore this tool cannot be relied upon to accurately identify the source of such messages.