Missing Persons Investigation

San Francisco Missing Persons in the Bay Area Our San Francisco missing persons investigations have helped to reunite many families.  We find that some clients contact us to locate a family member, who: Has mental health issues and is off meds Who flew to San Francisco from another state or country and has disappeared Who […]

Elder Abuse / Welfare Investigation

Elder Abuse  / Welfare Investigation Filley and Associates has deep experience with the investigation of Elder Abuse and the health and welfare of citizens in the San Francisco Bay Area community.  Whether it is a family member or a paid caretaker who is in the senior citizen’s home, we help to uncover the facts and […]

Cheating Spouse Investigation

How to Know if Your Spouse is Cheating on You Filley and Associates conducts professional, discrete cheating spouse investigations in the San Francisco Bay Area.  When the purpose of the investigation is to document current activities, not background, usually surveillance is the recommended method.  We find that direct observation and documentation of activities (surveillance) is […]

Identity Theft Investigation

IDENTITY THEFT INVESTIGATION How can a private investigator help with the investigation of identity theft? The inconvenience and invasion of privacy caused by identity theft can not be overstated. Our identity theft investigation helps you to locate the perpetrator, stop the loss and exposure and assist with coordination with the appropriate law enforcement organization. Almost […]

Asset Check

California Asset Check for Attorney, Business and Personal Clients Filley and Associates conducts California asset check and asset searches for our attorney, business and individual clients.  Asset checks are a tool used to uncover the financial status of a business or individual.  Asset searches are conducted for a number of reasons; fraud detection, judgment recovery, uncovering […]

California Background Checks

Filley and Associates conducts California background check and background searches for our attorney, business and individual clients. Background checks are important when: Hiring a housekeeper or nanny Selecting a public official Hiring a new employee Renting to a new tenant Investing in an asset Confirm True and Uncover False Information Past and present addresses Associates persons […]

Child Custody

CHILD CUSTODY INVESTIGATION What is a Child Welfare / Custody Surveillance? In a child custody surveillance, the investigator conducts surveillance of the activities of a parent, baby sitter or nanny, while with the clients child or children. We target our surveillance to the needs of the client or client’s attorney. We document . We document […]

Matrimonial Infidelity Surveillance

Cheating Spouse Surveillance Q. What is Matrimonial / Cheating Spouse Surveillance? Matrimonial Surveillance is used to determine whether or not one spouse (or Girlfriend / Boyfriend) is cheating on the other. The investigator follows the suspected spouse and documents their activities using high tech camera equipment appropriate to the situation. Q. I think my spouse […]