Filley and Associates Client Reviews and Testimonials

Our clients include major law firms, news organizations, law enforcement and corporations.  Please see below for reviews and testimonials left by clients. We take confidentiality very seriously, so we appreciate these clients offering reviews of our work very much.

Filley and Associates Reviews and Testimonials

  • “… Thank you very much.   Good work.  I would recommend you guys to anybody!!!”
  • “… I am pleased that everything is as I hoped for and I thank you for having performed this operation professionally and without any problems.”
  • “感谢您如此详细 报告,和您 所有帮助”
  • “再次感谢你的服务和精湛的摄影技术,您应该把你的作品当成招牌一样,陈列在显著的位置”
  • “I was very pleased with the professional and friendly manner in which my requests for information were handled. I will certainly not hesitate to use your services in the future should the need arise. Once again, thanks.“
  • “我只想说非常感谢。您非常热心和耐心,而且乐意指点我们什么才是重点。我诚心的感谢您的帮助。再次感谢你们.”
  • “Thank you for such a detailed report and for all your help.”
  • “I don’t know how you got that information, but I guess that is your line of work.”
  • “感谢您如此大量的调查工作,他们已经同意解决问题,并腾空房产。目前没有必要对这次的委托再做任何调查了。 我要感谢所有的辛勤工作和敬业精神”
  • “我非常的高兴享受你们专业的服务,你们的态度非常友善,完全按照我的要求处理。如果下次再有需要,我也毫不犹豫会选择你们。再一次,谢谢”
  • 真不可思议,你是如何得到那些材料 ,我想这是你与众不同 地方”
  • “Thank you for your highly professional assistance”
  • “Great!  Thank you! We will surely use your agency again.”
  • “Thanks again for your services and that fantastic photography. You should print out that cover and nail it to your wall as a testimonial.”
  • “I just wanted to say THANK YOU so very much. You’ve been extremely helpful and patient, and willing to advise me at whatever point we were at. I truly appreciate your help. Thank you again.”
  • “Thanks in large part to your investigation, they have agreed to settle the case. I want to thank you for all your hard work and professionalism.”
  • Oh my!!!! I should have done this years ago. It confirms that this was strictly a texting relationship! THANK YOU SO MUCH for all your time and energy. I think I can finally let this go. I knew you were the right one for the job when i first spoke to you. Thank you for everything and especially for not charging me for the extra time. You’re amazing.
  • “谢谢你如此优质 专业建议”
  • “太棒了!谢谢!我们会毫无疑问 再与你们 代理商合作”

Facebook Reviews for Filley and Associates:

I contacted Mr. Filley for assistance after a recent crime and strongly recommend that others looking for a private investigator do the same. Throughout the entire process, he kept me updated regularly and remained in constant communication. The service he provided was comprehensive and went, quite honestly, beyond my initial expectations. His knowledge base and range of experience came in handy for a client new to this sort of situation, and his persistence in pursuing contacts and then following up with me was greatly appreciated. I am thankful to have had his help during a difficult time.

Best Best Best, I do not know how to describe my amazing experience with Filley and Associates, they are the best helper you can find in the country! Also, they are 100% willing to help you and provide you very useful suggestions. They are honest and hard-working people that you can trust.

Chinese in SF Bay Reviews for Filley and Associates

我最近被一个朋友借了很多钱,一直不还。Scott给了我很多帮助。 他提供了专业分析和解决方案。 他还让我收集证据,指导我完成整个过程。 最重要的是,我能感觉到他非常敬业。 由于他的帮助,我有更多希望挽回损失,如果万一挽回不了,我有足够的证据让他绳之以法。

我们曾雇佣filley and associates 对我们家庭涉及的案件进行了调查,他们工作仔细丶认真丶热情丶周到,获取了许多对案件有用的信息及资料,结果令我们非常满意。且还免费为我们提供与美国律师的翻译服务,我们全家人非常感谢!在此诚心推荐给大家!

我们曾聘请filley and associates 调查了潜在的商业合作伙伴,结果令我们很满意。他们还是值得推荐的。

Reviews and Testimonials for Filley and Associates

We thank you very much for your reviews and testimonials. If you ever have a question for us, or additional tasking, please do not hesitate to Contact us.

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