Civil Investigation

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Civil Case Investigations

Filley and Associates works with our attorney clients to investigate civil cases. From the inception of a lawsuit, through the fact gathering stage, negotiation and finally to settlement or decision, Filley and Associates investigators will acquire salient facts crucial to your success in the courtroom. We handle all aspects of civil investigation, including:

What types of civil cases do you investigate in the San Francisco Bay Area?

Small claims cases:  These cases are for lawsuits less than $10,000 and usually do not allow the participation of a lawyer.  Nevertheless, sometimes these cases need an investigator to develop facts for case presentation.

General civil cases:  These cases usually involve breach of contract, damage to property or personal injury.

Family law cases:  Child Support, Child Custody, Adoptions and Divorce 

Landlord / Tenant cases:  Investigation for the purposes of evicting a tenant or investigation a case arising from a landlord / tenant dispute.  

Probate cases:  Like wills and conservatorships.  We help attorneys ascertain the facts.
Elder Abuse:

Civil Harassment:

What types of Investigation do we do in civil cases?

Witness identification and location: In any civil case, identifying potential witnesses is an important part of putting together a strategy.  You need us to capitalize on any opportunity to identify potential witnesses – positive and negative.

Witness Interviews: Each witness responds best to an approach best suited for them.  Our operatives are trained interviewers – hyper aware of the case goals and what is needed from each witness.  We summarize the interviews, verbally or in a written interview summary.  We also document the witness’ rendition of the events in written, audio recorded or video recorded formats.

Conduct Fact Investigations: Give us a list of the questions you need answered.  We will conduct our investigation efficiently and answer your questions directly, supported by evidence.

Review Documents and Evidence: You need an investigator that knows what to look for and who summarizes documents in a way that saves you time.

Focus and Limit the Scope of Discovery: Conducting investigation to refute or confirm facts obtained through discovery is a valuable tool.  We are experts at identifying what information is needed and what the best source is for that information.

Pre-Trial Jury Profiles: Make more informed decisions.

Post-Trial Jury Polls: Juror polls are sensitive.  We take our cue from you and follow your direction regarding our juror profiles and / or contact with the jury.  We understand that you need an investigator who gets the best information possible, while carefully following your direction and the orders of the court.

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