Child Custody


What is a Child Welfare / Custody Surveillance?

In a child custody surveillance, the investigator conducts surveillance of the activities of a parent, baby sitter or nanny, while with the clients child or children. We target our surveillance to the needs of the client or client’s attorney. We document . We document unsafe activities on the part of the Subject of the investigation:

Driving with the child out of a carseat

Drug or alcohol use by the parent, while with the child

Putting the child into unhealthy or unsafe situations

Parent’s affiliation with unsafe or unhealthy people during visititation

Parent’s violation of rules of visitation

Parent driving with child in the car after drinking alcohol at a bar or restaurant

Verbal or physical abuse that might take place outside of the family home

Disparaging remarks about the other parent or other inappropriate discussions with or within ear shot of the child

In California, we can’t audio record the conversations of the Subject or other parties, without consent, so all evidence is documented on videotape or photograph, with first person accounts of any conversations overheard by the investigator(s). The details of the conversation are noted contemporaneously and can be testified to by the investigator.

we have had the pleasure of playing a part in protecting children from unsafe situations in many cases, both domestic and international.

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