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How to Know if Your Spouse is Cheating on You

Filley and Associates conducts professional, discrete cheating spouse investigations in the San Francisco Bay Area.  When the purpose of the investigation is to document current activities, not background, usually surveillance is the recommended method.  We find that direct observation and documentation of activities (surveillance) is usually the best way to obtain solid evidence, upon which your important decision can be based.  Our goal is to provide you with information that is solid.

Signs a Spouse May be Cheating

  • They start doing laundry independently
  • Mileage on their car increases more than expected
  • Spouse is secretive with their cell phone
  • Sudden increase in time away from the family
  • Attends more work functions or alone travel
  • Spouse is unreachable and calls not returned until later
  • Computer use is private and secretive
  • Goes to the other room or outside to speak on the phone
  • Asks about your schedule more often than usual
  • Spouse is often day dreaming or distracted
  • Spouse becomes defensive or accusatory when asked about activities
  • Decrease in sexual interest
  • Increased use of cash and cash withdrawals
  • Telephone calls with long duration

Things You Can Do

  • Look for an extra cell phone within reach of the driver seat of Spouse’ car
  • Look for extra phone simm cards
  • Check for credit card and gasoline charges at unusual locations
  • Introduce yourself to Spouse’ co-workers
  • Introduce the idea of couple counseling by a therapist.
  • Hire a cheating spouse private investigator to conduct surveillance and document current activities.

San Francisco Bay Area Spousal (Husband / Wife) Infidelity Investigations

Whether the Subject of the investigation lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, or visits the Bay Area for business, we can help you to answer your questions about the Subject’s activities.  Whether the Subject is living in San Francisco, visiting the Bay Area, or visiting the wine country in Napa and Sonoma counties, we know the area and are ready to help.

While surveillance is the most commonly used tool for contemporaneous information about a person’s activities, other tools may also be useful.

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