Business Fraud Investigation

BUSINESS FRAUD INVESTIGATION   Business fraud investigations involve instances of one business defrauding another.  This can involve an online transaction or an overseas order that didn’t meet the terms of the contract.  In many of these cases, the factory stops responding to an overseas customer upon receipt of a complaint.  Especially in China, the factory […]

Due Diligence

Detailed Due Diligence Investigations in the San Francisco Bay Area We conduct in-depth due diligence investigation of the Subject company and principals to give you a complete picture of the company, it’s assets, processes, history, clients and other information to help you make an informed decision. For assistance with due diligence investigation in the San […]

Restaurant Bar and Store Investigation

RESTAURANT, BAR AND STORE INVESTIGATIONS Restaurants, bars and to a lesser degree, stores are a cash business, with ample opportunity for employees to take advantage of any opportunities to steal from their employer. Sometimes this theft is in the form of skimming money from the register. Sometimes the theft is in the form of stealing […]

Business Intelligence

Covering Business Assets in the San Francisco Bay Area We provide high-level investigative services in the areas of misapplication of corporate assets, employee dishonesty, internal and external embezzlements, theft of trade secrets, counterfeit products, gray market trafficking, product theft, bribery, kickbacks, and other breeches of business and fiduciary duties. Filley & Associates arms its clients with […]


SF Bay Area Surveillance Filley & Associates’ operatives conduct SF Bay Area surveillance and are highly proficient in the art of surveillance.  We conduct insurance fraud, matrimonial and child custody surveillances for our attorney clients. We use the best tools, as called for by the investigational situation. We carefully comply with all laws to protect […]

Asset Check

California Asset Check for Attorney, Business and Personal Clients Filley and Associates conducts California asset check and asset searches for our attorney, business and individual clients.  Asset checks are a tool used to uncover the financial status of a business or individual.  Asset searches are conducted for a number of reasons; fraud detection, judgment recovery, uncovering […]

SF Bay Area Intellectual Property (IP) Investigation

Intellectual Property And Trade Secrets in the SF Bay Area Protecting intellectual property and trade secrets had become increasingly difficult in the age of global networking and international competition. If you have a concern involving proprietary information, Filley and Associates can help you discover where and how the information is being compromised. We can help […]

California Background Checks

Filley and Associates conducts California background check and background searches for our attorney, business and individual clients. Background checks are important when: Hiring a housekeeper or nanny Selecting a public official Hiring a new employee Renting to a new tenant Investing in an asset Confirm True and Uncover False Information Past and present addresses Associates persons […]