Business Investigation Services


Business Background Investigations provide our clients with useful information about a business. You may be considering doing business with a company and want to ensure they are on the “up and up” with Business Background Investigations. You may want to learn more about a company before contacting them with an offer. You may be considering legal action, or may need to collect on a judgment.

With Business Background Check Investigations , we will provide fast information at a reasonable price.

  • Identity, status and location of a company
  • Corporate Records, Fictitious Business Name Statement
  • Lawsuits and judgments
  • Physical inspections of facilities and operations

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A broad range of sophisticated on-line databases provides us with access to critical information on individuals and businesses. We also have access to a network of highly trained professionals, which enables us to compile the most complete reports possible on individual and corporate assets.

Filley & Associates provide database services to our corporate clients, subject to GLB and IRSG guidelines. We are experienced in using the most effective databases for the individual situation and develop the best information possible in the most cost effective manner.

  • Background Investigations
  • Witness and Subject Location
  • Asset Location
  • Criminal and Civil Filings
  • Business Ownership
  • Real Property
  • Liens and Judgments
  • DMV
  • Banking Relationship

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We provide high-level investigative services and San Francisco Background Check Investigations in the areas of misapplication of corporate assets, employee dishonesty, internal and external embezzlements, theft of trade secrets, counterfeit products, gray market trafficking, product theft, bribery, kickbacks, and other breeches of business and fiduciary duties.

Filley & Associates arms its clients with actionable intelligence about it’s employees and the strengths and weaknesses of competitors. With that information, a company can make better and more informed decisions about its future endeavors.

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Protecting intellectual property and trade secrets has become increasingly difficult in the age of global networking and international competition. If you have a concern involving proprietary information, Filley and Associates can help you discover where and how the information is being compromised. We can help you locate the principals and contain the problem.

We work with companies to protect their intellectual assets domestically and abroad. We effectively use diverse assets to develop the information you need to control your intellectual assets.

Our Investigation of counterfeit products, copyright infringement and intellectual property theft includes research of violations, identity, location and background profiles of perpetrators. We also conduct surveillance at manufacturing or retail locations and place undercover operatives at all levels of production and sales. Our services also include procurement of evidence, maintaining the chain of evidence and court testimony.

For a free consultation and to discuss how we can help you throughout California, Nevada and the United States. We also offer investigative services in China, through our professional relationships with excellent investigators in Mainland China, who have demonstrated a high degree of proficiency and professionalism. Please see our Contact Us page for more information concerning our affiliations with international investigative offices.


Filley & Associates’ operatives are highly proficient in the art of surveillance. We use mini digital video cameras with night vision capability and telephoto lenses to capture the activities of the subject. We also use state of the art concealment cameras, which we use as called for by the investigational situation. We carefully comply with all laws to protect the admissibility of the information, while at the same time, aggressively pursue the case goals.

We provide surveillance in the following areas:

  • Employee Honesty Checks
  • Internal Theft Investigations


Restaurants, bars and to a lesser degree, stores are a cash business, with ample opportunity for employees to take advantage of any opportunities to steal from their employer. Sometimes this theft is in the form of skimming money from the register. Sometimes the theft is in the form of stealing inventory or giving free drinks and food to friends and relatives.

Most restaurants, bars and stores hire multiple employees and given the inevitable turnover, will have employees that steal from them in one form or another. This theft can start small, but can quickly grow to have a crippling effect on your business.

We put our operatives into the client business to watch what your employees are doing when you are not watching them. We provide you with the evidence you need to stop the continuing theft and send a strong message to your other employees.

We can also help you to identify:

Is a receipt used for every sale?

Does the employee keep the cash register closed, except when ringing up a sale?

Does the employee spend time socializing or complaining about work instead of assisting customers?

Does the employee ring up more than one sale at the same time?

Does the employee let people into a club without paying the cover charge?

Does the employee pour free drinks or over-pour drinks?

Does the employee serve overly intoxicated patrons?

Does the employee pocket any of the funds taken in? Does the employee tuck money away for later retrieval?

Filley and Associates will give you the proof you need to stop the theft and to know what goes on in your establishment when you are not there. Our services are always completely confidential.


We assist our clients by locating debtors and their assets.

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