Business Fraud Investigation



Business fraud investigations involve instances of one business defrauding another.  This can involve an online transaction or an overseas order that didn’t meet the terms of the contract.  In many of these cases, the factory stops responding to an overseas customer upon receipt of a complaint.  Especially in China, the factory relies on the difficulty the client would have in using the police or courts to rectify the problem.

We find that we are able to help solve these problems by contacting the factory outside of their normal channels of communication.  Sometimes it just takes a local investigator, who is experienced in manufacturing and import/export calling them from in-country, speaking their language.  Once the factory understands that it is less trouble to fix the problem than it is to avoid the client, they often cooperate.  In some cases, a personal visit to the factory is necessary to get the ball rolling.

If legal action is necessary, we can help you vet and connect with local counsel.

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