Due Diligence

Due Diligence We conduct in-depth due diligence investigation of the Subject company and principals to give you a complete picture of the company, it’s assets, processes, history, clients and other information to help you make an informed decision.

Criminal Investigation

Criminal Investigation Filley and Associates works with you to investigate your criminal case.  We have deep experience with criminal defense.

Service of Process

Service of Legal Process Service of Process in the US Filley and Associates serves legal process throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. At the time of service, we attempt to take a photo of the person served, (and are usually successful) with the documents in hand. We also report any relevant information gathered at the […]


LEGAL SURVEILLANCE Filley & Associates’ operatives are highly proficient in the art of surveillance. We conduct insurance fraud, matrimonial and child custody surveillances for our attorney clients.We use mini digital video cameras with night vision capability and telephoto lenses to capture the activities of the subject. We also use state of the art concealment cameras, […]

SCUBA Diving Investigation

SCUBA DIVING INVESTIGATIONS Attorneys need investigators who not only know how to ask the right questions and correctly document the responses, but an investigator who knows which questions to ask as well. SCUBA diving accidents are better investigated by a professional, who knows the industry terminology, standards and practices. We have deep experience with the […]

Asset Check

California Asset Checks | US Asset Checks Asset checks are a tool used to uncover the financial status of a business or individual.  Asset searches are conducted for a number of reasons.  Fraud detection, judgment recovery, uncovering hidden assets for the purpose of child or alimony support, case valuation and case settlement are legitimate purposes […]

Intellectual Property Investigation

INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY AND TRADE SECRETS Protecting intellectual property and trade secrets had become increasingly difficult in the age of global networking and international competition. If you have a concern involving proprietary information, Filley and Associates can help you discover where and how the information is being compromised. We can help you locate the principals and […]