Filley and Associates Client Reviews and Testimonials

Our clients include major law firms, news organizations, law enforcement and corporations.  Please see below for reviews and testimonials left by clients. We take confidentiality very seriously, so we appreciate these clients offering reviews of our work very much. Filley and Associates Reviews and Testimonials “… Thank you very much.   Good work.  I would […]

Chinese – Mandarin Cantonese and More

SF Chinese Speaking Private Investigator When a person is looking for an SF Chinese speaking private investigator in the US, they often do not understand that there are several dialects of Chinese. Mandarin is the official language in China and Cantonese is used in Canton, centered in Guangdong and Hong Kong regions, but many people […]

International Dating Scams | Fraud

Can I trust the person I met on an international dating website? Overseas dating scams and fraud are growing phenomenon, as ripe pickings and difficult law enforcement create an environment in which scammers can operate with little risk. Our global community and technology make it possible for anyone to find and develop a relationship with […]