Consumer Investigation Services

Filley and Associates provides investigative services to individual consumers as well. If you need to check up on a Nanny or potential mate, or if you have been the victim of identity theft, we can help. We also have deep experience in conducting cheating spouse surveillances. Please see below for a description of our services. […]

Insurance Investigation Services

CLAIMS INVESTIGATIONS Our primary purpose, as independent claims investigators is to be the adjuster’s eyes and ears on the scene of a loss. As experienced insurance claim investigators, we know what you need. We understand the time constraints you are under. We understand the necessity of moving quickly and of keeping you apprised of the […]

Business Investigation Services

BUSINESS BACKGROUND INVESTIGATIONS Business Background Investigations provide our clients with useful information about a business. You may be considering doing business with a company and want to ensure they are on the “up and up” with Business Background Investigations. You may want to learn more about a company before contacting them with an offer. You […]

San Francisco Private Investigator – California Private Investigator

San Francisco Private Investigator Filley and Associates – Professional Investigations Our San Francisco private investigation firm provides cost efficient, aggressive, results oriented investigation services. We are uniquely qualified to provide the range of services required of an investigative firm in today’s environment. Our staff of professional investigators know the San Francisco Bay Area inside and out. Our […]